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Transforming Dialogue Hub Launch

We are excited to be launching The Feast’s Transforming Dialogue Hub in October. This is an integral part of the “In Faith, We Dare to Imagine" Strategy to provide the most sustainable response to increasing demand for our work. The aim of the Hub is to embed the Guidelines for Dialogue (G4D) and encounter approach with those already working with young people across the country - in schools, in youth work and in other faith and community settings. 

The Hub's training and resources will be centred around how to use The Feast's Guidelines for Dialogue. This simple, yet powerful tool has been developed and honed with young people over the past two decades, as a way to create safe spaces for teenagers to engage in honest and respectful dialogue across any social divide. This skill for genuine dialogue across difference is fundamental for living in a diverse world, especially in the ongoing climate of rising hate crime, community isolation, and increasing fears and stereotyping of different groups of people - all of which have been highlighted and deepened by COVID. 

It is the G4D that is the most in demand and appreciated aspect of our training with those working with young people in diverse settings. One Year 9 Teacher last year commented;

"I have seen these kids implement the Guidelines in lessons without even realising that they were doing it. One student is now engaging with people markedly different than before. I want to get the Guidelines rolled out across the whole school."


Do join us for one or more of our online webinars to launch the Hub. For more information and to register, click on the links below:

Monday 12th Oct (7.30-8.30pm): Transforming Dialogue in Education

A webinar to explore how Transforming Dialogue in Education can help schools equip young people to flourish in a diverse world.

Tuesday 13th Oct (12-1pm): Transforming Dialogue in Youth Work 

This webinar will look at the need for transformative dialogue within Youth Work to help young people talk about faith and challenging issues within increasingly diverse and divided communities. 

Wednesday 14th Oct (4-5pm): Transforming Dialogue, Transforming Hate Speech 

A webinar to explore how Transforming Dialogue can help young people identify, challenge or report on-line Hate Speech safely.

Thursday 15th Oct (7-8pm): Transforming Dialogue in the Workplace.

- A webinar to explore how organisations can grow in confidence to affirm staff with a religious affiliation and positively discuss religion.