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news: International 30th January 2017

Lebanese Schools start youth encounter programme

Last week Khebz W Meleh (formally known as The Feast in Lebanon) kicked off a new 6-session youth encounter programme...

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news: UK 12th January 2017

Starting the new year with new team and new energy

This week The Feast kicked off 2017 with our National Team Day, with staff and volunteers coming to Birmingham from a...

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news: Luton, Staff & Volunteers 3rd January 2017

Introducing Ulrike and Melissa in Luton

Now this is a great way to kick off the New Year! The Feast in Luton are excited to welcome Ulrike Hunt and Meliss...

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news: International 16th December 2016

In Lebanon we have a new name

And it is - Khebz W Meleh The Feast has been working with friends in Lebanon since the Summer of 2011, when we und...

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news: Bradford and Keighley 12th December 2016

Together for Tea in Bradford & Keighley

  Last week The Feast held an informal afternoon tea at the Touchstone Centre in Bradford, to bring together ...

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news: Bradford and Keighley 23rd November 2016

Introducing Uzma and Ransome in Bradford and Keighley

The Feast are very pleased to introduce Uzma Kazi and Ransome Oginni, our new part-time youth workers in Bradford and...

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news: Tower Hamlets 17th November 2016

Together for Tea in Tower Hamlets

This week in Interfaith Week, The Feast came together with our friends at East London Mosque to share food and get to...

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news: Birmingham 6th November 2016

October half-term fun that changes lives

What do painting a door, weeding, the boardgame Carcassonne and photography have in common? Confused? Don’t be! These...

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news: Luton, Staff & Volunteers 27th July 2016

Join our team

An exciting opportunity is coming up at The Feast. Join our team in Luton, as a Development Worker, to create opportu...

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news: Tower Hamlets 20th July 2016

Interfaith Youth Iftaar in Tower Hamlets

This is a guest post by Jessica Pardy, one of our volunteers. On 4 July 2016, The Feast held an interfaith Ift...

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