Starting the new year with new team and new energy

This week The Feast kicked off 2017 with our National Team Day, with staff and volunteers coming to Birmingham from across our four UK locations of work.  So many of our team are new, with 8 of our 14 staff joining in the last six months.

Volunteers are at the centre of all our work and most of our staff are part-time, some only with us a day a week, and increasingly working in partnership with another organisation or place of worship.  In fact this model of working is a hint at how we are looking to engage more young people in the future, as we seek to increase our impact and effectiveness on young people, youth leaders and communities.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our Local Leadership Group chairs and staff team, and please do get in touch if you would like to meet up or know more.

Staff team from left: Ransome, Nahim, Tim, Jill, Melissa, Ulrike, Steve, Rachel, Salma, Adam, Mica, Sandra, Dumaeza and Uzma.


  • Local Leadership Group chair – Geoff Harley-Mason
  • Jill Appleton – Development Worker
  • Steve Stanier – Youth Worker, Sparkhill
  • Mica Elliott – Youth Worker, Lozzells
  • Nahim Khan – Youth Worker
  • Adam Larkin – Partnership Youth Worker, St Thomas Church, Garretts Green
  • Salma Hamid – Partnership Youth Worker, Islamic Society of Britain, based at Bordesley Centre in Sparkbook

Bradford & Keighley

  • Local Leadership Group chair – Andy Sykes
  • Uzma Kazi – Youth Worker
  • Ransome Oginni – Partnership Youth Worker, Emerge


  • Local Leadership Group chair – Peter Adams
  • Ulrike Hunt – Development Worker (commencing April 2017)
  • Melissa Llewellyn – Youth Worker

Tower Hamlets

  • Local Leadership Group chair – Mark Hutchings
  • Dumaeza Nhlapo – Youth Worker

National Office in Birmingham

  • Tim Fawssett – CEO
  • Sandra Langston – Administrator
  • Rachel Renfrew – Finance Officer

We even have a few vacancies we are still looking to fill, including a Muslim Youth Worker (1 day per week) in Tower Hamlets and a Development Worker in Bradford and Keighley (3 days per week).

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