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A Royal Banquet for The Feast!

How do you make a Prince feel part of The Feast? That was the exciting challenge we faced when we heard that on the 12th December The Feast were to have the opportunity to meet His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge.

Seven young people were chosen to showcase the work of The Feast and to help his Highness gain an insight into our work. They spent the morning together preparing for what they would say, and how to behave in front of a prince – this even included practising our bowing and curtseying! We were all keen that rather than just tell the Duke of Cambridge about the work of The Feast he should see it in action and even have the opportunity to participate. We decided that we had to include some food and a fun activity that showed how well the young people get on and their ability to talk about matters of faith together.

After lunch we all headed to the venue in Perry Barr and set about preparing the room for our special guest. As we were meeting him in the middle of the afternoon we set out the table for afternoon tea with a variety of snacks from different cultures. As the time approached it is safe to say that everyone got both very excited and nervous about the meeting, especially when we saw all the police, film crews and crowds that travel with him.

When we met the Prince we welcomed him to sit at the table with the young people and after introducing ourselves we told him about a game we often play where you take a question from a pile and answer whatever it asks.  Not only did we play a round but he joined in, asking questions and taking the time to get to know the young people.

He was impressed at how comfortable the young people were with each other’s company and with talking about matters that they both agree and disagree on. He asked us lots of questions about The Feast and we had chance to ask him about the life of a Prince.

We ended the afternoon by presenting him with a gift of an award winning photograph taken at a Feast event and which we hope both he and the Duchess of Cambridge will enjoy and be inspired by.

The whole experience was fantastic, and from all the young people, staff and volunteers from The Feast we want to thank His Royal Highness for taking the time to meet us and learn a little about our work in this city, and across the country.  Amazingly, he even knew about our work starting in Lebanon, which was quite a buzz.  He will always be welcome back at our feast of young people who make up the richly diverse communities we serve.

(2020-02-29 10:02:38)