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Founding CEO announces departure in Autumn

After more than 7 years in post, The Feast’s founding CEO Tim Fawssett has announced he will be standing down this coming Autumn.

The Trustees are therefore announcing today that they are recruiting a new CEO to lead the charity into the next season, and release the full details on our vacancies page.

Chair of Trustees, and actual founder of The Feast, Dr Andrew Smith said:

“This is very sad for us. Tim has been both a brilliant leader and a great friend. Many of us have got to know him along with his wife Merryn and their children Rosie, Sam and Henry really well over the years and enjoyed and benefitted from their friendship. Over the past 7 years Tim has taken The Feast from a new charity with a couple of staff and a few volunteers in Birmingham, to an established organisation working in 4 cities with 14 staff and over 50 volunteers impacting the lives of hundreds of young people.”

In the middle of 2009 Tim applied for the role of the first youth worker with this brand new charity, from all the way on the other side of the world in Australia, but missed out. Instead the Trustees latched onto his experience with SU Qld and offer to help grow the work, despite a distinct lack of any interfaith engagement, and in February 2010 he landed with his family in Birmingham for the adventure to begin.

Tim reflected:

“To Andrew, the Trustees, staff, volunteers, colleagues and our UK friends and neighbours, thank you for making life here in Birmingham such a home and so difficult to contemplate leaving. 

The Feast is a remarkable charity to serve and develop, and I am extremely pleased that we have reached the ideal season to transition to a new leader. While sad to be leaving I am excited to see what the future holds, and all that this team will achieve for young people and diverse communities.

My own Christian faith and walk with Jesus has been enriched and deepened beyond measure at The Feast, as I have had to learn and re-learn what it means to really follow his teaching to love my neighbour. And in these modern times of division and diversity, more than ever, my prayer is that we as God’s people might have a love that builds up and not puffs up.”

Tim will continue to lead and develop the work until the Autumn, before leaving for Australia with the plan of establishing The Feast in Brisbane, possibly in partnership with SU Qld.

(2020-04-09 10:04:13)