Tower Hamlets

Interfaith Youth Iftaar in Tower Hamlets

This is a guest post by Jessica Pardy, one of our volunteers.

On 4 July 2016, The Feast held an interfaith Iftaar to celebrate and eat towards the Eid celebration. Three Christians and three Muslims met at East London Tabernacle Baptist Church for an evening of fun ice breakers, far too much pizza and faith based discussion and sharing.

We started off the evening with a team building activity, where the group was split in to two teams. The aim of the game was to use tape to strap a team mate to the railings, making sure they were elevated off the floor for at least one minute. We had a great time, which turned out in to making new friends and sharing a lot of laughs!

At sunset at 21:23, we sat together and shared dates and a huge amount of pizza to break the Ramadan fast together, while uniting and learning about each other’s faith and what that means as an individual and a community. And how great it was to see young adults connecting by sharing faith! In teenage years, we know it can be difficult to stay true to your beliefs in such a judgmental world, but this evening really encouraged healthy talk and breaking down stereotypes.

A few question cards were passed around the table as discussion points. Some of the questions we talked about were:

“What do you think about what your country currently provides in the way of asylum and refuge for those from unsafe places?”

“How much impact does your faith have on every day life?”

“How do you think society views young people?”

“Do you think people misunderstand your faith/religion? How so?”

Discussing that last point was particularly important in today’s society, where there seems to be an increase in prejudice upon religious groups and ways of life. We were really excited to hear their views on all these points and share personal opinions and the general opinions of our communities. All the young people showed an utmost respect for their peers and their beliefs. We even found many similarities between the Muslim and Christian faith! (Including the love of Mexican pizza!).

We pray that more events like this can take place with The Feast, strengthening relationships, breaking boundaries and having fun!

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