Luton Staff & Volunteers

Introducing Ulrike and Melissa in Luton

Now this is a great way to kick off the New Year!

The Feast in Luton are excited to welcome Ulrike Hunt and Melissa Llewellyn as our new part-time staff team, building on the piloting youth work undertaken by Nanzip Lannap over the last couple of years.  Both ladies are local to Luton and bring much passion for young people, their faith and the building of a more positive and vibrant communities.

Ulrike has been appointed our new Luton Development Worker, for 3 days per week, which will see her as team leader and responsible for the coordinating and capacity building of The Feast’s work.  She comes from a primary school teaching background, and will not actually start with The Feast until Easter due to her current teaching commitments.  Ulrike is an active member of St Mary’s Church, leader of Prayer for Luton, and has seen the impact of The Feast up close with one of her children participating in an early Youth Encounter programme run by Nanzip.  While not formally in post yet, Ulrike will be supporting Melissa and the Local Leadership Group as much as she can. Contact Ulrike:

Melissa is commencing this week as our new Youth Worker, for 2 days per week, after serving for the last few years as one of the Luton Nehemiah Workers, in partnership with the Near Neighbours Programme and Grassroots.  Melissa is a Muslim but has been hosted by Blenheim Crescent Baptist Church, doing community work that builds up connections between neighbours, and in particular seeks to help people of different faiths to work together for the wellbeing of all.   We are really looking forward to benefiting from her experience and reaching out to more young people across Luton and surrounding towns.  Contact Melissa:

Please do get in touch with Melissa initially, if you would like to know more about The Feast’s work in Luton, and we look forward to meeting with faith groups, youth organisations and schools to offer our services to help young people to live well in our richly diverse region.

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