October half-term fun that changes lives

What do painting a door, weeding, the boardgame Carcassonne and photography have in common? Confused? Don’t be! These were the some of the activities young people were engaged in as part of The Feast’s half term activities, this October.

There is something wonderful about seeing young people, who have never previously met or been to any Feast youth encounters, getting to know one another and learning how to talk about faith, in the most unlikely of settings. This week friendships were formed between young people of different faiths and cultures who would otherwise never have met, let alone shared their beliefs with each other.

10 young people came together at Millennium Point to learn about the work of artist Mitra Saboury and have a master class in photography from professional photographer, Dan Burwood. What followed was an exciting day of video making and photograph taking, all linked to the theme of identity and belonging. The end results were amazing and made for a great showcase at the end of the week.

Our adopted stretch of the Grand Union Canal was in need of some TLC so our young people donned overalls and gloves and set to work on making it look great again. It was a cold day, but it was great to see them bonding over the flower beds. The service block on our patch benefitted from the nifty painting and the young people were rewarded for their efforts with a typical Feast picnic. The flower beds were restored to their summer glory and our stretch of canal looked great in the autumn sunshine.

Faith discussions and Giant Carcassonne don’t immediately seem to go together, but you can always trust The Feast to make things work! Carcassonne is a game of strategy which completely absorbed the young people as they built cities and roads to outsmart their opponents; talking about faith is just as absorbing but it definitely isn’t about outsmarting one another! It was great to see the young people putting the same amount of thought into the faith discussion that they out into the game.

Lots of great youth work.  But even better lives changed through learning how to speak about faith and belief with new friends.  Well done to all.

(2020-01-22 16:01:00)