Tower Hamlets

Together for Tea in Tower Hamlets

This week in Interfaith Week, The Feast came together with our friends at East London Mosque to share food and get to know each other better.  Special thanks to Ishaque Uddin for the kindness of hosting us.

We kicked off with a welcome to the Mosque and Ishaque’s work with the Islamic Awareness Project. Then with introductions everyone was asked each share what Interfaith meant to them in one word.  One word?!?!  It was a challenge but produced some great concepts including connections, demystifying, peace-bringing, brotherhood, complex, mystery, friends, smiling and love.  (Check out this on the a little video provided by Ishaque).

The Feast team shared about our history and work in Birmingham and for the last few years in Tower Hamlets, including stories of young people who had discovered how liberating it was to grapple with their faith, culture, friends and being a teenager in modern London.  Some fun was had talking about our Guidelines for Dialogue, and then everyone having a go by splitting into pairs to share the best things about our faith.

We are really looking forward to working together in Tower Hamlets, and helping more young people to find vibrant and confident ways to interact with those around them who are different.

Thanks to all for coming, and standing with The Feast.  #wearethefeast

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