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Volunteer takes out national photography competition

You know when things do not really turn out as you expect them too?  Well Tuesday 17th November was one of those days for Merryn Fawssett, volunteer with The Feast and wife of CEO Tim.  Months ago she submitted two photos to the Faith Through a Lens photography competition from her time volunteering on a number of youth activities with The Feast, and then didn’t think much about it before being shortlisted for an award in mid-October.

She shared with us some of their experience:

“This picture was taken at a girls’ residential weekend with a group of Christian and Muslim teens.  I hope the image shows what a good time the girls were having and how comfortable and connected they became with each other.  

In this particular image we were participating in a trust activity. The girls were asked to stand in a circle, hands on the shoulders of the person in front. Then they were told to sit down, so that each would be sitting on the knees of the person behind her. It required the trust, participation, and coordination of the whole group to accomplish a sitting circle, and as you can see, they were chuffed to have achieved it!

The conversational topic of the weekend was how our faiths are portrayed in the media, so I think it’s fitting that this image could direct some positive exposure on the potential of young people of different faiths to come together and make the world a better place. The judges particularly commented on the joy and hope expressed in the girls’ faces.

My memory of that weekend is reflected in the emotion of this photo – a group of girls of faith having a fantastic time building friendships. There were so many other pictures we could have chosen from the same event – high ropes, walks, a great bonfire night.

Thank you to the judges and all their kind words, Congregational and the event sponsors, and well done to all the other people who submitted photos.  All I can say is this week has been so amazing.”

The awards have attracted considerable attention on social media, especially as the awards were supported and hosted by the BBC. You can read the BBC’s write-up here.

Here is the video sharing the judges reasons for selecting Merryn’s photo. It is so encouraging for all of us at The Feast, as it is a reminder that what we do on a daily and weekly basis is so remarkable to many people. We too want to thank the competition for highlighting that people of faith can have fun together and get on really well.

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