The Feast continues to grow as a world leader in interfaith youth work. We receive enquiries almost daily from across the UK and the world. We hope we can enable others to also bring Christian and Muslim young people together to explore faith, create friendships and change lives.

Are you keen to challenge cultural tensions between minority groups in your community?
Do you have problems with diversity in your youth work context?
Are you keen to overcome prejudice, and love your neighbour and your community around you?
Do you want to enable your young people to live and express their faith in healthy and positive ways?
Are you passionate about empowering young people to be leaders of social change?
Are you  interested in how young people of different faiths can talk about their faiths together and form real friendships?
Are you just a little bit curious about what The Feast is doing?

Resources Currently Available:

  • Two short video talks from Dr Andrew Smith, The Feast’s Founder and Chair of Trustees, originally given to a group of Christian youth leaders in London, looking at how we share the content of our faith, and the nature of dialogue with young people
  • The Feast’s Guidelines for Dialogue are available for download. These are the groundrules we set out at the start of each youth event to facilitate a safe place for discussion.
  • The Feast featured in a number of magazines and media outlets, including  YouthWork Magazine in July 2013, and WarCry.
  • Event Packs – we have produced a number of event packs, to help you plan and run your very own dialogue events.


If you have further questions, or are interested in attending one of our training days to learn more, please do get in contact.

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