Sharing the content of your faith

This is the first part of a talk Dr Andrew Smith, the founder and chair of Trustees of The Feast, gave to a group of Christian youth leaders in London. He was asked to introduce The Feast and how he came to set it up.

Dialogue with young people

This is the second part  of Dr Andrew Smith’s talk.

Top ten tips for multifaith youth work

The Feast has been running multi faith youth events for over 6 years now, and we’re often asked by youth leaders and volunteers about how they can run great multi faith youth events. To help you all out, we had a think and have put our top ten ideas into one handy video resource.

Short videos from our YouTube Channel

With special thanks to volunteer Sam Hertzog, we are very proud of a series of short videos from people involved in The Feast.  Here are some samples:

(2020-04-09 10:04:20)