September: Linda’s Story

My name is Linda and my experience with The Feast and the Guidelines for Dialogue has really transformed the way I interact with those who have different life perspectives to me.

I had lived in Luton for over 14 years and had been in leadership in both school and church when I realised through my work with The Feast that I had no friends of Muslim faith.  This had not been a conscious decision at all, but subconsciously I was buying into the ‘us versus them’ rhetoric that the media and the church (to some degree) propagate. The reality was if I hadn’t started working with The Feast I may not have even realised the narrowness of my own friendship groups.  I now, three years on, have many wonderful friends from the Muslim faith, not only that but my church has been on a similar journey and we are learning to build bridges and open communication lines with those of other faiths, particularly Muslims, so that we are demonstrating what is core to our faith community; love and compassion.

~ Linda Geevanathan,

Chair of The Feast’s Local Advisory Group in Luton